Friday, August 26, 2016

Sue Tsai Misadventures of The Heart

Sue Tsai is currently exhibiting in New York City displaying her most recent work, Misadventures of the Heart.

I discovered Sue when her painting was on Wale's album cover back in 2014 and I've loved her style ever since. I am obsessed, I even had Sue Tsai nail art at one point! I have a sweatshirt too that everyone asks about every time I wear it. What I like most about her work is how bold every piece is, the colors are always super vibrant and it is clear there is a story with emotion behind each piece. They are all unique but easily recognizable. I always wonder where her inspiration comes from so I felt so lucky to meet at her at the exhibition. I was so excited!! I finally met the artist behind my favorite artwork! Seeing her work in person was an amazing experience, she is incredibly warm and so generous with her time, chatting up all those who came to support her work. The opportunity to get up close and personal and really see every detail was inspiring.


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