Monday, August 8, 2016

The Trick To Prepping Your Skin For Makeup

We all love some form of makeup... whether it is a volumizing mascara, that simple go to eyeshadow, or a grunge style smudged eyeliner.  A full face of glam is captivating and desirable in the 2016 beauty world. We are lucky to live in an era where you can learn makeup techniques at the click of a button. Yet, some of the most important tips are left out or overlooked. In order to achieve the perfect, flawless, full face of glam prepping the skin is an essential part of any makeup routine! No matter what skin type you have, you need to keep your skin moisturized. Many people with oily skin make the mistake of skipping the moisturizer to eliminate the risk of the "shiny" look, when truthfully you are missing the most important step! The skin must be moisturized and primed to avoid rough patches and foundation sitting in small crevices. Whether you are oily or dry, you will need a moisturizer and a primer! Any foundation can look flawless but how you manipulate the product is what matters. With a moisturizer and primer that cater to your skin type your foundation will look smooth, glowing, and natural.

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