Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Nudestix Magnetic Matte Eye Color

At the Generation Beauty event a little over a week ago I had the pleasure of meeting Taylor, the Founder behind Nudestix makeup! I approached her to ask some questions about the brand and she was so welcoming! I didn't expect her to engage with me too much because their booth was super busy, as you can imagine. She took the time out to speak to me and also gave me four of their new Magnetic Matte Eye Color's to try. I was super excited! I have been impatiently waiting to try this brand and see what it is all about.

Over the past week I have dipped into what Taylor has gifted me and it is everything I expected it to be! Perfection! This brand is about women who are "on the go." You do not need to be a pro makeup artist to make these products work. They are easy to use, long lasting, pigmented, and gorgeous for the on the go beauty. The color shades of the Magnetic Matte Eye Color range from simple day time shades to something you can wear to the cocktail party you are attending this weekend. Nudestix Magnetic Matte Eye Colors are $24 on their website and also on the Sephora website. This brand is definitely one worth trying!

The swatches from top to bottom in the photo above are Fig, Cocoa, Army, and Slate.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Generation Beauty NYC Weekend

Of course I had to do a little blog post about the my weekend at all of the Ipsy Generation Beauty festivities! Friday night Ipsy hosted their Generation Beauty cocktail party the PhD rooftop here in NYC. It was a great time to mix and mingle with everyone going to Gen Beauty the following two days ahead and to get to know one another. Oh, and networking of course. The music was great, drinks were awesome, and the vibe was amazing as I would expect! In the second photo of this post you can see the Ipsy swag bags they gave out to us in front of the New York sky line. I might do a youtube video dedicated to what was inside of them. It was absolutely insane!!! I should of known when I could hardly carry it out of the dream hotel, I am not exaggerating when I say it was heavier than me! LOL. Earlier that day Ipsy also hosted a Creator Day at the Dream hotel which was their first one ever! leave it up to me to leave my camera home due to running out the door last minute. Ugh! I was so upset, I had no choice but to use my good ol' iPhone camera and I only have a few pictures from that event. There will be Youtube videos to follow! :)


Monday, September 5, 2016

Summer Birthdays

Random Madison fact. Everyone in my family was born during months January to February and June to September. Nothing in between. We have two full months of birthday celebrations every single weekend, it's pretty crazy, and fun!


Guess What?

The new and cool place to take photos is the car wash. Who knew? I love taking photos of the water droplets on the window, with the flashing lights in the background it has a pretty cool effect. Beauty is everywhere.


Cafe Habana

I guess you could say I am a foodie....I'm starting to think much of my lifestyle category will be filled with delicious food that probably isn't great for our daily diets. But....the truth is we need to treat ourselves sometimes! It is essential, I promise. One of my  favorite spots for Cuban or Mexican is Cafe Habana. It is a cozy place downtown that is super casual with a fun atmosphere. Everytime I visit I order the Cuban sandwich and the grilled corn Mexican style. SO good every time! If you are in the area I definitely recommend Cafe Habana.  You're welcome! ;)

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