Saturday, January 28, 2017


2016 was a good year. 

I finally moved into a cozy place with my family and my couch hopping days were over. Those 5 months of couch hopping were tough. I mean, I'm thankful for all the things my whole family came together to do for me just to make me comfortable but somehow I was always feeling uncomfortable and not like myself. I hated feeling like I was in someone's else's space. It became hard for me to create because I wasn't in my usual setting and I didn't have the equipment I needed to film. People were always asking me why I was doing the same looks over and over. The truth was because it was the only palette I had! I didn't have the room to carry all my makeup with me to every place I was staying. I decided to take my essentials and work with what I had for the time being. It took everything in my to get off the couch to film something or even take a photo of the look I was wearing that day. 

When I moved into my new place with my mom and brother I had this new appreciation for having a home. I fell in love with it immediately. We have a really small office room here and my mom allowed me to turn it into my beauty room. Now I have an entire room dedicated to what I do and a space to create, I couldn't ask for anything more than that. I had also FINALLY gotten into the school I had been applying to for a year and a half, the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT.) When I started my spring semester, I felt like I was FINALLY right where I was supposed to be. It definitely did not happen over night, I had to work toward it. I fought with myself since I graduated high school to not apply to FIT. Everyone I went to high school with did the traditional thing. Graduated, went to a private four year and experienced dorm life. I tried it, but it wasn't for me. Everyone wanted to be a nurse, and I CLEARLY wanted to be in a creative field. I felt like I was constantly living a life just trying to be like everyone else as much as I could. I already stood out as it was, especially with this hair. LOL. When I came home from my first semester of college I told my mom I wanted to leave. She knew exactly why. I had been dancing around the fact I wanted to be in the beauty industry and get my foot in the door. We had an agreement that if I left school, I would hustle my little ass off for the time of me being un-enrolled. She gave me a certain amount of time to prove myself before I had to go back to school and get my degree. The phrase "nothing worth having comes easily" had never made more sense in my life! 

I looked back and realized everything that was going help me thrive in life were things I had to sacrifice for. 

Now it's almost a year later from me moving from couch to couch and I am so comfortable and happy with how everything is going in my life. Not everything will always be perfect and we do not always have control. I have accepted it and taken everything day by day. 

I have had so much support through the bad times, and the good. I am forever thankful for my family, REAL friends, and of course... MY FOLLOWERS!! 


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